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Our selection of over 1200 surgical instruments include scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors, scalpels, reflex hammers, otoscopes, laryngoscopes, speculum & t/c instruments.

We have been producing such instruments in Pakistan for 50 years & marketing in the U.S. medical industry for over 20 years.

Most all of our products are of stainless steel. Our O/R quality instruments (re-usable) would be of Japanese stainless steel and our floor grade products would be of Pakistani stainless steel. We also produce an inexpensve line of disposable surgical instruments.

Being a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture or private label any of our products. All products can be finished in either polish or satin.

In 1998 we launched our Patriot Line of scissors & instruments that are forged in the U.S. This is a quality but reasonably priced line that has developed a unique niche surgical instrument market.

Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg32
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg31
Titanium Instruments catalog pg30
Micro-Surgical Instruments catalog pg29
Micro-Surgical Instruments catalog pg28
Dermatology Instruments catalog pg27
Dermatology Instruments catalog pg26
EMS Holsters / Uniform Badges catalog pg19
Laryngoscopes catalog pg17
Diagnostic Sets / Otoscopes catalog pg15
Gynecology Instruments catalog pg9
Surgical Stainless Steelware catalog pg25
Sterilization Trays catalog pg24
Orthopedic Implants catalog pg23
Orthopedic Instruments catalog pg22
Podiatry Instruments / Nail Cutters catalog pg21
Bandage Scissors & Utility Shears catalog pg20
EMS Instruments catalog pg18
Laryngoscopes catalog pg16
Diagnostic Sets / Otoscopes catalog pg14
Diagnostic Sets / Otoscopes catalog pg 13
Reflex Hammers / Tuning Forks / Stethoscopes catalog pg12
Scalpels / Trocars / Circumcision Clamps catalog pg11
Gynecology Instruments catalog pg10
Biopsy Forceps (Gynecological) catalog pg8
Electro-Surgical Instruments (Gynecological) catalog pg7
Electro-Surgical / Bi-Polar Forceps catalog pg6
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg34
American Made General Instruments (O/R Grade) Catalog pg4
American Made General Instruments (O/R Grade) catalog pg5
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg33
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg35
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg36
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg37
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg38
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg39
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg40
Tungsten Carbide Instruments catalog pg41
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg42
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg43
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg44
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg45
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg46
General Pakistani Instruments catalog pg47
Diagnostic Set
Colored Bandage Scissors
Disposable Prep Razor
Scalpel Handles
Needle Adapters