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Dissecting Sets

Dissecting Sets

Our selection of over 300 dissection instruments & kits include scissors, forceps, scalpels, probes & and a variety of kits from beginners to advanced.

We have been producing such instruments in Pakistan for 50 years & marketing in the U.S. science industry for over 15 years.

Most all of our products for the advanced kits are of stainless steel. Our beginners kits are usually of carbon steel with a nickel plating.

Being a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture or private label any of our products. All products can be finished in either polish or satin. Even our dissection kits can be custom produced with any specific case or component.

In 1998 we launched our Patriot Line of scissors & instruments that are forged in the U.S. This is a quality but reasonably priced line that has developed a unique niche in the instrument market.

Dissecting Sets