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Dental Instruments


Our selection of over 1200 dental & instruments include scissors, forceps, impression trays, elevators, scalers, orthodontic pliers, mouth gags, mouth mirrors, carvers, spatulas, gauges, calipers & syringes. We have been producing such instruments in Pakistan for 50 years & marketing in the U.S. dental industry for over 20 years. Most all of our products are of stainless steel. Our O/R quality instruments (re-usable) would be of Japanese stainless steel and our economic products would be of Pakistani stainless steel. We also produce an inexpensve line of disposable dental instruments. Being a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture or private label any of our products. All products can be finished in either polish or satin. In 1998 we launched our Patriot Line of scissors & instruments that are forged in the U.S. This is a quality but reasonably priced line that has developed a unique niche dental instrument market.

Carvers and Instruments
Explorers and Excavators
Extracting Forceps
Extracting Forceps2
Extracting Forceps3
Extracting Forceps4
Needle Holders
Orthodontic Pliers
Orthodontic Pliers2
Pliers cotton and Dressing
Rubber dam Clamp Forceps
Spatulas and Carvers
Various Instruments
Various Instruments2
Various Instruments3
Aspirating Syringe (9450)
Morrell Crown Remover
Articulator (Snake Bite)
Impression Tray Set (6)
Miniature Saw (9160)
Boone Bracket Gauge
Matrix Retainers
Mouth Mirrors
Intraligamental Injector
Aspirating Syringe "A"
Fragment Forceps
New Ortho Pliers
Orthodontic Cutter (T/C)
Distal Cutter (T/C)
Mirror Handles
Needle Adapters