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Beauty Instruments

Beauty Instruments

Our selection of over 400 personal care implements include a variety of scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, cuticle nippers, razors, comedone extractors & manicure sets.

We have been producing & marketing for the beauty industry for over 15 years. Our selection of implements serve both the mass consumer personal care market as well as the professional beauty industry.

Most all of our products are of stainless steel. Our higher quality implements would be of Japanese stainless steel and our more economic products would be of Pakistani stainless steel.

All products, including scissors & implements, are available in a variety of finishes. Some of our more common finishes include: sand blasted (matte), polished (mirror), electroplated (gold) black oxidized, anodized or satin.

Being a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture or private label any of our products.

In 1998 we launched our Patriot Line of scissors & implements that are forged in the U.S. This is a quality but reasonably priced line that has developed a unique niche in the professional market.

Comedone extractors

Cuticle nippers

Economy stainless shears
Empty cases
Manicure sets
Nail and cuticle pushers
Nail and cuticle scissors
Nail clippers
Plastic handled shears
Professional styling shears
Professional thinning and texturing
Razors and shapers
Retail display units
Silk and fiberglass scissors
Stainless thinning and texturing shears
Patriot Line
Tungsten Carbide Speciality items
Nail Care Set (9)
Skin Care Set (9)
Razor / Shaper Kit (B438)
Economy Manicure Set (B320)
Professional Personal Care Set (B333)
New Cuticle Nipper Models
Body Piercing Line
Mirror Handles
Manual Hair Clipper
Sapphire Nail Files
New Professional Tweezers
Economic Tweezers (12)
New Nail Clipper Models
Eyelash Curlers (B392)
Curved Barber Shears
Stainless Pedicare Tools
Ingrown Nail Kit (B211)
Cobalt & Diamond Shears
Diamond Shears (II)
Diamond Shears (III)
Diamond Shears Sets & Accessories
Manicure Set Display Unit
Implement Display Unit
Bucket Display Unit
New Leather Sheath's
New Leather Cases
Tweezer Displays
Nipper Grips
Heavy Nail Clippers
Professional Diamond Shear Set
Pedicure Set (Pro)
Packaging Options
Titanium Cuticle Nippers (NEW!!)
New Fine Scissors
Long Grooming Shears
New Cobalt Shears
Plasma Diamond Shears (NEW!!)
Left Handed Diamond Shears (NEW!!)
New Diamond Models
Foot Care Sets
Professional Nail Clippers (Podiatry)
Round Body Implement Line (NEW!!)
New Cuticle Nipper Models
Colored Eyebrow Tweezers
Carry All Bag
Personal Care Sets
Footcare Tools II
Footcare Tools (Plastic)
New Razor Models
Hair Extension Kit
Hair Extension Tools
Hair Extension Plier
Diamond Shears Blue
Diamand Line Black / Gold